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In English or Spanish.

RELAXATION AND CONCENTRATION TECHNIQUES: Participants examine common stress-causing factors that interfere with concentration in performance.

ON PIANO TECHNIQUE: This lecture-class explores the history of piano teaching and evaluates the importance of developing a natural and holistic approach to the instrument.

TUNING YOUR BODY: MOVEMENT AND THE PERFORMER: A workshop to address the performer's body and its care, where participants become aware of the importance of posture and explore safe and healthful movements to maximize both practice and performance experiences.

THE CREATIVE PERFORMER, A HOLISTIC APPROACH: A process-awareness workshop to maximize the performance experience.

BEYOND RELAXATION: REACHING FOR OUR HIGHEST EXPRESSION: Searching for artistry within a spiritual context. Available to all performing artists.

MUSIC, HEALTH, AND SOCIETY: Discusses the importance of music as an essential element in promoting the well being of the individual and the society he inhabits. The workshop explores Music's value as an aid in education and health.


Lecture-Recitals & Master Classes

  • * Music of Spain.
  • * Music of Argentina.
  • * Latin American Music and its roots.
  • * Carlos Guastavino, a poet of the twentieth century.
  • * Rhythm and Music: Importance of Rhythm in the development of musicianship.
  • * Latin-american piano music.

The above lectures and workshops have been presented in several states in the USA and in Argentina, under the sponsorship of the BMTA, MSMTA, Denver Area Teachers, WMTA. VMTA, the Peabody Institute at JHU, the Institute of Culture in Mendoza/ Argentina, the National Conservatory of Music in Buenos Aires/Argentina, the National Argentine Foundation in Mar del Plata, Argentina, Carlos Lopez-Buchardo Music Conservatory in Mar del Plata/Argentina; Allegheny College of Maryland (a workshop presented for health practitioners and educators); Music and Health (for the Reiki Association of Baltimore); conductors retreat at Medomak, ME.

-- Guided by her interest in the development of safe yet artistic approach to the instrument and wellness in performance, Nancy Roldán studied and is a graduate from the Baltimore Holistic Health Center School of Massage, where she obtained her degree in Massage Therapy. She has worked extensively with musicians who have sustained performance related injuries.