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Premiere performances


Xavier Turull Six cants intrascendents (1989) Carnegie Hall, with Laura Klugherz
Thomas Benjamin Recitativo/Allegro Barbaro (1992), Weill-Carnegie Hall, with José Cueto
Nancy Roldán Prayer (1993) University of Chicago Benefit for Children with Cancer, with José Cueto
Tom Benjamin Tango Triste (1996) Hood College of Maryland, dedicated to Nancy Roldán.
Tom Benjamin Pianissimo (10/7/1997) commissioned & dedicated to the Lester-Roldán Duo
Trygve Madsen Homage to Poulenc Quartet for Oboe, flute, clarinet and piano: IDRS Festival 2000, Buenos Aires, Argentina: with w.w. members of ALBORADA (Featured then as Cygnus)
José Luis Turina Movimiento (1989) Carnegie Hall, with Laura Klugherz (Spanish composer)
Carlos Guastavino Ten Cantilenas Peabody Conservatory at JHU (1989) Nancy Roldán- A lecture recital (Argentine composer)
Romance del Plata
(Sonatina piano four-hands)
with Noel Lester, tours 1990-92
Three Romances For Two Pianos with Noel Lester, tours 1990-92
Indianas for piano and
chorus (1992)
Annapolis Choral, and Baltimore Concert Artists of Baltimore (1993)
Constantino Gaito Piano trio with TRIO AMERICAS (Probably American, absolutely Maryland) (Argentine composer)
Eduardo Grau Piano Trio (Spanish-Argentine composer) TRIO AMERICAS
Juan Orrego Salas MD Premiere maybe East Coast (Chilean composer) with TRIO AMERICAS
Tom Benjamin Entertainments & Aperitif (American Composer, MD) with TRIO AMERICAS
Carlos Guastavino

Romance de Ausencias
For Two pianos and Chorus.

(Feb. 27, 2002)

Performed at McManus Theater, Loyola College (Maryland)
With pianist Alejandro sCremaschi, the "Da Camera Singers," Director Ernest Liotti.
Aram Kachaturian Concerto UNC S.O. Mendoza, Argentina (1960)
Thomas Benjamin Recitative/Allegro Barbaro (1992) with José Cueto
Tom Benjamin Tango Triste (1996) dedicated to Nancy Roldán.


*Awarded Faculty Development Grant for Recording Project of Latin American Piano Music (CD Horizons)

*2000- Elected Member to the Board of Directors, American Liszt Society

*1997- Elected President, American Listz Society Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan Chapter (BWMC) Chair, MSMTA Chamber Music Festival

*1989-1992 Listed in both editions of "American Keyboard Artists"